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Summer nights festival


Together with our neighbors from Grk & Zo, we have filled a party agenda. With summer evenings. It is a well-filled program. With dance, music and even an open-air cinema.

Zouk Dance Event

It all starts with dancing in the open air. Enjoy a summer evening with dance and music in the square. At the Zouk Dance Event you can dance and learn to dance. Zouk is a graceful and sensual love dance, resembling Lambada and Samba. And this evening is all about Zouk! Our DJ provides the music and our dance teacher helps you with the dance. It promises to be a sultry evening, because Zouk means "Party".

Our dance workshop is all about making fun. That something is learned is nice, but that is not the most important thing. Friday, July 20, from 8 pm.

Salsa Workshop

For everyone who loves swinging Latin American sounds, there is a dance floor on the Doelenplein this evening. With a workshop Salsa dancing and dancing freely. Our DJ provides a relaxed and relaxed atmosphere full of dance and movement. Enjoy the tropical sounds, as if you are dancing on a terrace at the Cuban beach.

By dancing to Salsa music you are completely out and imagine yourself with this dance adventure for a while in a pleasant and different world. Once you have caught the virus of the Salsa, you probably never want anything else. Saturday, July 21, from 8 pm.

Zomerplein Concerts

The summer concerts also come back again. From Sunday 29 July onwards, there will be the best live music on the terraces of the Doelenplein for 4 weeks on Sunday afternoons. The performances fit in perfectly with the summer atmosphere of the square. With your flip flops in the sun, a cocktail, a wine and daydreaming ... .Or you dance along.

Every Sunday from 29 July, from 3 pm onwards.

Outdoor Cinema

In September, the Doelenplein will be transformed into an open-air cinema. "If you fancy relaxing with your lover or your best friend an evening under the starry sky, then the visit to the Outdoor Cinema Doelenplein is a must", says Jeroen, one of the organizers enthusiastic.

For three evenings, cool films are shown. They are 'feel good movies', classics, that make the setting complete. "Watching film in the open air, that's where a kind of magic is released". During the film you can enjoy your favorite drink and of course there is also popcorn. For a real VIP experience there will also be special VIP seats. Wednesday 5 to Friday 7 September, from 2030 hours.