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Jeu de Boules Tournament

Under the old plane trees on the Doelenplein you can play a boulestournament with your colleagues, friends and family while enjoying a drinkand snack (not included). How about a glass of Ricard as the French do?

Doelenplein in Delft is eminently a wonderful place for apleasant tournament. The square shade and sun, beautiful old trees andgravel. LEF Restaurant and Bar provides the professional balls and the boules track will be ready for use.

When playing Jue de Boules it is intended to throw or roll the metal balls towards the small wooden ball (the jack or cochonnet). The throw is done privately. The distance from the circle (from which the playersthrow) to but can vary from 6 to 10 meters. The game can be played onany surface, but often is chosen for a substrate or sand (coarse) gravel.Who gets the first 6 points is the winner.

The rules:

  • Only possible from Monday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday
  • You can book from 4 pm
  • Can only be booked in combination with a Borrel, Diner at LEF Restaurant & Bar
  • Jeu de boules tournament will be held on the Doelenplein at LEF Restaurant en Bar
  • The minimum number of persons to reserve is 20, maximum 30
  • A tournament is free
  • Reservation should be at least 7 days in advance. You could use the request form on this site