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LEF has been chosen best in Delft

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The terrace of LEF is the best terrace of Delft. This was announced by the technical university (TU) at Delft. They wrote:

Doelenplein is the prettiest square of Delft. Not surprisingly. Many tourists, students and some yuppies meet on the terrace of LEF. Under the coloured lights in[...]

The Little Street of Vermeer very close to Doelenplein

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The Little Street is a painting by the Dutch master Johannes Vermeer. The painting is also known as the View of houses in Delft . Today it is discovered that the house of Vermeer is located directly behind the Doelenplein.

Easy Parking

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Parking in Delft is so easy. For everyone.
For a night out in[...]

Cheesefondue in Delft

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Autumn has arrived, the days are getting colder and that only means one thing: cheese fondue!


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Every Sunday afternoon:

Aunt Paprika is there to do handicrafts with children at the long table in front of the restaurant.

Parents, you can relaxe and enjoy your drinks together.

From Sunday the 4th of November from 14h till 17h.

Open air Cinema

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-Wednesday 12 september:  Jazzfestival Doelenplein 2017

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August 24, 25 and 26

LEF likes to offer you your dish!

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LEF likes parties. Because we like a good ambiance and we like to laugh. We have a present for everybody. If you have your diner on your birthday LEF likes to offer you your maindish. Because it is your birthday and our present is a part of your special day. Show your passport